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Adelaide is now amongst the top 3 most liveable cities in the world

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Adelaide is now amongst the top 3 most liveable cities in the world

In the latest report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Adelaide is now recognised as the 3rd most liveable city in the world. A massive jump from 10th place in a previous report back in 2019.

“This is great news and builds the momentum we need as we look forward to international borders opening in the second half of the year,” said Emil Bolongaita, Head of Carnegie Mellon University Australia

The annual report examines 140 cities worldwide and ranks each one with a score that factors in five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

For the first time, the report takes into account how well each city has responded and contained the covid-19 pandemic.

Looking closely, six of the top 10 most liveable cities are in Australia and New Zealand. Owing much to how each city’s ability to contain the coronavirus pandemic faster and lift the restrictions earlier.

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The ten most liveable cities in the world

  1. Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Osaka, Japan
  3. Adelaide, Australia
  4. Wellington, New Zealand
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Perth, Australia
  7. Zurich, Switzerland
  8. Geneva, Switzerland
  9. Melbourne, Australia
  10. Brisbane, Australia


To learn more about the free report please visit eiu.com/liveability

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